Traditional Desserts and Tarts

Our chocolate classics are a mix of tarts, pies and cakes. From classic fudge cakes to Rocky Road, our chocolate range is vastly extensive - needless to say we are complete chocolate lovers!

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Blueberry Bakewell N H

Juicy blueberries combined with the Bakewell tart are a yummy addition.

£1.28 per portion
14 portions

Keylime Pie

A sharp lime, creamy mousse set on a biscuit base.

£1.24 per portion
16 portions

Iced Cherry Bakewell N

Our wonderful bakewell with nuggets of cherry inside, with an iced topping.

£1.28 per portion
14 portions

Menu Key:

GF = Gluten free products.

N = Products containing nuts.

H = Products that can be served hot.

V = Vegan products.